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OnePlus 7 Design

     OnePlus 7 will be formalized in a few months to make OnePlus 6T a success. After the fingerprint sensor arrives at the bottom of the screen, it will be necessary to find other levers to entice OnePlus.The design is one of them. Latest news, the smartphone will present a screen with minimal edges and a five-hole hierarchy will be devoid of thanks.

OnePlus 7

     OnePlus declared toward the finish of a year ago that it will discharge a 5G phone in 2019. But soon, we knew it would be a special smartphone with ultra-high features but not onePlus 7. Range. The successor of OnePlus 6 and T, however, will be more efficient for their new Snapdragon 855 processor.

     Leaks grow the profile of OnePlus 7 progressively, some elements of the data sheet can be estimated with certainty. As we said above, the Snapdragon 855 processor will be engraved in OnePlus 7 nanometers and thus promises better performance for better energy efficiency.

      OnePlius 6T had already offered a 6GB or 8GB comfortable RAM or 10GB with McLaren version. On OnePlus 7, the 8GB RAM will be formed, with a special version of 10GB, even with the 12GB version. The original storage capacity will be 512GB.

      Speaking of storage capacity, according to IcePlus Leak, the OnePlus 7 storage will be the UFS 3.0 technology, which rarely tells nonsense. Storage memory can thus reach the high reading speed of 2279.8 Mb / s and a writing speed of 1801.1 Mb / s. UFS 3.0 literally doubles the performance of today's UFS 2.1 technology.

      In fact, seeing this image of OnePlus 7, we can see a punch-hole on the device. OnePlus 7 is announced with the full HD resolution of 6.41 inches (as usual) AMOLED screen. Integrated fingerprint sensor will be back. Images of the smartphone have been leaked recently and we have found that if leaks are true then there will be significant notable changes in the design level.

      Level photo, OnePlus 7 is expected to improve. While more and more high-end models incorporate triple sensors, rumors have announced such development on OnePlus 6T, which ultimately integrates the dual purpose of 16MP + 20MP. 2019 is probably the year of coming three photo modules on smartphone OnePlus.

     Like every year with OnePlus, the release date of OnePlus 7 should be in the course of June. Unless the builder turns out in May like last year. We still do not know what will be the cost of OnePlus 7, but its price will be same as 6T.

     Seeing OnePlus 7 costs closer to $ 800, the brand's historical image will be even stronger. Especially when we know that many brands including Honor and Shiomi are now evolving on this basis.

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