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OnePlus 7 Specifications

OnePlus 7
     Award to assure OnePlus owners their facility on upcoming handsets? One OnePlus 7, of course. Oh, and there is a small case of paid flights for its launch, as well as a VIP experience on the event.

     So what are you waiting for? Go away and think! The entrants have a solid pitch to bring together until 22 February.

     While the OnePlus fans are following their own unique ideas everywhere, here we are aware of all the other things, of which we know about OnePlus 7, in which the release date, value, features, and specs Are included.

OnePlus 7
OnePlus 7

Everything you need to know

     OnePlus has not given a solid launch date for OnePlus 7, and we will not be able to see it while doing it for some time. Nonetheless, this will not prevent us from making an educated guess when the smartphone will start its own. We are electing in mid-2019.

     Given that OnePlus 6 was announced in May 2018, we make a viable prediction for the launch of OnePlus 7 in May 2019. It is being said that both OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 3 have reduced annual trends and their respective year released in June, which means that the release date of May 2019 for OnePlus 7 is not a mandatory requirement.

OnePlus 7 Price

     One big power of OnePlus 'Flagship Killer' handsets is always to give high-end features at the mid-range price. OnePlus 6 debuted at $ 529 (£ 469). Not cheap, but there is nowhere near the price point of the stratospheric strand of rivals like Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone X.

     Unfortunately, with the advent of 5G connectivity, it seems that this trend may end. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has predicted that the price of the major device of the 5G support company is expected to add between $ 200 and $ 300. Given that the Top-One OnePlus 6T has started from £ 579, its successor can set you back for more than £ 800. Ouch

     It is also worth noting that if you are a US-resident, you can find that OnePlus 7 is available only on contract. This is something that OnePlus has stopped doing in the past, so if you live in states you may not have to pay the full cost.

OnePlus 7 Design

     We are not expecting too much deviation from the design of OnePlus 6, which features a sleek exterior, all-metal-and-glass structure and a big display that makes it a very aesthetically pleasing handset.

     We are hoping that OnePlus 7 will continue on its predecessor Water Resistance. While OnePlus 6 is not completely submerged - it is not IP-rated for dust or water resistance - the company has assured us that it is "water-resistant for everyday use". We are hoping that OnePlus 7 will move one step further and will raise the water resistance up to a notch.

OnePlus 7 Features

     Qualcomm recently unveiled snapdragon 855 at a technology summit in Hawaii, where OnePlus CEO Pete Lau took the stage and confirmed all the dates of the beginning of 2019, that Snapdragon in the phone will be inside 855 and this is very much Will be one of them. The first phone launched with 5G connectivity.

     This is important because we knew with a certain degree that OnePlus 7 would use the next generation Snapdragon chip, we were not sure that it would support 5G. This is because the component that enables 5G connectivity is optional for manufacturers and will not be included in each snapdragon 855 phone.

     Of course, Snapdragon 855 means that OnePlus 7 will also be faster than OnePlus 6T and it is likely to be more powerful due to the chip's new 7nm fabrication process.

     Another feature which we believe will be an appearance in OnePlus 7 Gorilla Glass 5 is strong content packed in OnePlus 6. It has given the handset an extra layer of protection from the all-too-inevitable smartphone tumble.

     We also found out that our fingers started the OnePlus 7 with the Quad High Definition (QHD) screen, which would be a significant upgrade from its predecessor. The QHD screen upgrade is overdue for a long time, especially now that is appearing bigger and bigger. Again, to see one.

     Similarly, this is something we were hoping to see on the OnePlus 6, and we were amazed at why it was not included - especially since there was a glass back in the handset. Still, we are hoping that OnePlus 7 debuts the technique, especially if it suits on the all-glass-and-metal design.

     The maximum storage capacity of OnePlus 6 is 256GB. Although it is sufficient for most general smartphone users, people who want to use their handsets for the purpose of business or photography, they can soon struggle for space itself.

     A lack of a MicroSD slot on 6 means that if you run out of space, then you have no choice other than to begin to remove things. Adding such slots in OnePlus 7 will give customers the option to upgrade the phone's storage capacity if they wish, and therefore, this would be a welcome upgrade.

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